Ecosystem Overview

Ecosystem Overview

While laying the foundation for AGI, XQT is also guiding an ecosystem of organizations that will power the platform with AI services and strengthen AI capabilities in financial transactions. XQT derivatives are being developed in multiple strategically selected vertical markets, including DeFi, robotics, biotech and longevity, games and media, arts and entertainment (music), and enterprise-grade artificial intelligence.

XQT acts like an incubator, providing guidance, funding, and expertise to these businesses, with the goal of transforming these initiatives into a successful and fully independent entity in the true spirit of decentralization. Below you will find an overview of these projects, ranging from start-up businesses to fully operational and fully independent organizations.

Current Ecosystem

Cogito provides institutional-grade investment products by bringing traditional financial assets onchain.

XQTDAO is a decentralised Portfolio Management Protocol designed to enable anybody to safely and easily manage crypto assets, supported by superior risk management and analytics tools; smart money, on-chain.

Rejuve builds a decentralized network of researchers, clinicians & data contributors, working together on longevity research, making the resulting solutions affordable & accessible to all.

NuNet builds infrastructure providing globally distributed computing power and storage for decentralized networks.

SophiaVERSE starts with NFT-based gameplay and marketplace and evolves into a full-fledged environment and API for games integration into the multiverse.

Awakening brings Grace to life at a time when medical systems are at a breaking point and cutting edge AI robotics are the solution to Life Made Better for elderly people.

Jam Galaxy is music decentralized. We connect artists with music communities, create innovative AI music tools, host a music data collective, a tokenomic tiered rewards structure, and multisensory virtual experiences.

A new layer 1 blockchain network designed to supply massively scalable, low-cost infrastructure for decentralized AI applications.

A decentralized media platform connecting content creators and consumers, combining an AI-enhanced media experience with a merit based reputation engine.

TrueAGI aims to commercialise and deliver the application of Artificial General Intelligence to enterprise customers.

XQT Studio has created an ecosystem of innovative AI, blockchain and Web3 companies to help in designing solutions to address a range of key challenges across a variety of sectors.

Train your digital twin to do your work for you.